How To Root Android Device With PC In Some Easy Steps

The one who are users of Android devices, if they want to get access to the root of the Android operating system so rooting is the way. By rooting, you can have all control over the Android device. Even your device’s battery will get fresh after rooting it. Sometimes Rooting helps Android devices to work well but sometimes it does not work in some Android devices. After rooting you can get access into those files which are not accessible normally. So In this article, we have described how to root an Android device with Pc in some easy steps.

We will explain to you that what actually rooting means? why do we have to use it? What for we root any Android device? how to root Android device with Pc? What are its advantages and disadvantages? So all the thing has cleared for you below. One thing more that after Rooting any Android device, you can install some of the paid apps for free in the Android device. You can also root Android device without Pc but here we explained how to root Android device with Pc.

What Is Meant By Rooting?

Rooting is a kind of process in which you can unlock the hidden features of the Android device. After rooting, you can get all control of the Android device. Some functions and files are hard to get access to it then root access will become easy for you. You can have some paid apps for free after rooting your Android device. Rooting can be risky too for the Android device because if you are not aware of Android device that whether it needs root access or doesn’t need. If rooting is not useful for your Android device so then it will damage the Android device easily.

Sometimes it also compared to jailbreaking which you can do in the iOS operating system where you root iOS devices by which you can install the software. Jailbreaking allows root access into iOS to install software that is unavailable in the official Apple App Store.

Why Do You Have To Use It?

If you want to attain all the benefits of your Android operating system which is called root access so rooting is the way that you can do it. how to root Android device with Pc is described for you below. The rooting process is not good for some Android devices because then it can affect your Android device. After rooting an Android device it can become a risky device for you because if someone else wants to control it then they can do it too. So till the time if you actually do not need root access so do not try it.

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How To Root Android Device With Pc?

There are many Android rooting services which have their own rooting processes. To download each of them one by one then to check every Android rooting service is risky work. So do not take any kind of risk during rooting any Android device because it will affect your Android device during rooting with multiple Android rooting services. So there is one Android rooting service which is known as “KingoRoot”. It provides the easiest way to root the Android device

To get access root for Android device use kingoRoot, with KingoRoot you can easily root Android device with Pc. It is an easy way to root any Android device with Pc. At first download kingoRoot to root Android device with Pc by clicking on the below link:

Install KingoRoot For Pc

After clicking on the above link you will see a kind of page which is mentioned below and do click beside the red arrow for installing it:

Root Android With KingoRoot
Root Android Device With KingoRoot
  • After installing KingoRoot your Android device must have a 50% charge.
  • It should be connected to the internet connection.
  • The Android device also must be connected to the Pc with USB and it must be turned on.
  • Just with a click, it will install in your Pc for Rooting the Android device.
  • Then do launch KingoRoot for the rooting process.
  • So after launching it, you can see the interface on the KingoRoot which has shown below:

  • Now do connect your Android device with Pc by using USB.
  • KingoRoot will install your device driver automatically.

installing device driver

  • Then you have to enable USB debugging mode on your Android device.
  • You can enable it by going to the setting of your Android device and click on the “About device”. Then do click about 6 or 7 times on “Build number” and like this one, another option will be visible to you. That is called the Developer Option.
  • After going to this option then you can see the debugging option too.
  • So from there, you can enable it easily for Rooting purposes.
  • Then you will have another notification for that you have to do the same as it has shown in the below screenshot.

how to root android device with pc

  • So do read the notifications clearly before rooting your Android device.
  • Now the next step will show you that your Android device is ready for rooting.
  • Then do click on the “Root” as shown in the below screenshot to root your Android device.

how to root android device with pc

  • It will take some minutes to root the Android device.
  • So be careful about an internet connection if it may stop then the rooting will be stopped too.
  • During rooting your device, it will be switch on and off many times so don’t be worry about it because it is a part of rooting an Android device.

  • It will look like the screenshot which have shown in the above screenshot.
  • During rooting don’t touch anything.

how to root android device with pc

  • When it will be complete so then it will show you that root succeed. it means that your device has rooted successfully with KingoRoot.
  • Now it will reboot itself automatically so do not touch anything.
  • Then after rooting your Android device, you will find a new application on your phone which is named “SuperUser”.

What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

Advantages Of Rooting Android: 

  • If you know that your Android device really needs rooting so it will give lots of benefits to your Android device.
  • You can not run some of the special apps without rooting in your Android device so rooting will provide you to get access to those apps.
  • Additionally, it will remove the unwanted pre-installed apps from your Android device.
  • Whenever you install one app so it gets stored in your phone memory. With the help of rooting, it will become able to move to the SD card Which will free up the space of your Android device.
  • You can also have hundreds of Custom ROMs which will be available to allow a wide variety of functions for you.
  • It will also speed up the processor pf your Android device and give a new different feel of your phone.

Disadvantages Of Rooting Android: 

  • Some users who have rooted their Android device to speed up and include new features in it but instead they have lost both of them.
  • Rooting will void the warranty of your Android device. It means that it can not be serviced under the warranty anymore.
  • There can be more risk of making your phone “Bricked” which means to make it dead.
  • There can be risks of viruses too because when you root an Android device so it will flash ROMs with your custom device. It will make changes to the software of your device which can also increase the risk of viruses.


These are all about how to root any Android Device with Pc. So we hope that you have understood it clearly. All the steps of rooting the Android device also have described for you. Be careful about rooting Android device because if it needs to root so it’s good but if it doesn’t need so it’s not good for the Android device. So we hope that you understood it clearly and if there would be any confusion so do ask on the comment box. Then we will answer you back to solve your problem.

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