How to Fix Adobe Photoshop Error “Problem Parsing The Jpeg Data”

Most of the people always work on the different pictures to make it more attractive with the help of one software which is known to many people Adobe Photoshop CC. Adobe Photoshop CC is a kind of software that developed and produced by American Multinational computer software company “Adobe Inc.”. It can be used by windows and macOS. Sometimes you face a problem in Adobe Photoshop CC in which Adobe Photoshop does not save pictures or whether it does not open any file. So here we have explained how to fix Adobe Photoshop error.

Adobe Photoshop Error “Problem Parsing The Jpeg Data”

Adobe Photoshop works well but sometimes suddenly when you update your Pc so after that it causes some errors. One error is the error of Adobe Photoshop “problem parsing the Jpeg data”. In which you tried to save a picture or whether open a picture but it did not save or open it at all and after trying much time it suddenly get closed. So for this parsing error, Adobe Photoshop has found out a way to resolve it. To fix Adobe Photoshop error you have to install the latest version of the Adobe Photoshop. In the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, they have solved “problem parsing the Jpeg data”.

Problem parsing the jpeg data
Problem parsing the jpeg data

You can solve this error by updating the new version of Adobe Photoshop because this error has solved in its latest version. Instead of updating, there is another way to solve this error and that way is to change the value of the Windows registry, most of the time this solution works. All the steps of changing the Integer value are described for you here:

Change Windows Registry | Problem Parsing The Jpeg Data

Now if you do not want to update your Adobe Photoshop then there is another way also to fix the parsing error in Adobe Photoshop. For fixing Adobe Photoshop error now you have to make changes in the integer value of the windows registry. Most of the time this method makes changes in the windows registry works instead of the updated version of Adobe Photoshop. So all the steps on how to fix Adobe Photoshop error “Problem Parsing The Jpeg Data” has given to you below.

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1. All the steps are here to fix Adobe Photoshop error. At first, to solve this problem you have to press “Window”.

how to fix Adobe Photoshop error
Press Windows

2. Then do type “Regedit” and it will show you an option so do click on it.

do type regedit

3. After clicking on the Regedit then do click on the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and after that click on Software which has shown in the below screenshot.

4. Do click on the Adobe now you will see many options.

5. There will be many options as shown in the screenshot and now do select Photoshop.

6. After selecting Photoshop, there will be another option do click on it and now you have to create a new DWORD 32 as shown in the screenshot.

how to fix Adobe Photoshop error

7. When you will create a new DWORD 32 then name it “OverridePhysicalMemoryMB” and Modify it.

8. After modifying you will get a new page on the screen of your Pc in which you have to change the integer value. In the box do write “16000” and select “Decimal” then select “OK”.

After completing this all now you have to open Adobe Photoshop CC to check it. After opening Adobe Photoshop you will not face Adobe Photoshop “problem parsing the jpeg data”. Then you can save files and open them too without facing any problem. Like this, there will be no need to update Adobe Photoshop’s latest version too because you can solve the error by changing integer value in the Windows registry.


Here all the details of how to fix Adobe Photoshop error “Problem parsing the jpeg data” is provided for you step by step. Now if you face a problem parsing the jpeg data in Adobe Photoshop so do not be worry about it. You can also solve this problem by updating the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. In case if you do not want to update Adobe Photoshop so another way has shown to you here. You can solve this problem by changing the integer value of your Windows registry. Be careful during changing Windows registry integer value otherwise, the Adobe Photoshop error “problem parsing the jpeg data” can not be solved.


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