How To Monetize Your Facebook Page In Easy Steps

Facebook is the most famous application that everyone is aware of it. Now it is really easy to earn money or monetize your facebook page in easy steps. You know how to communicate with people via Facebook and how to share your selfies with others but now you can monetize it too. At first, you must have a Facebook page for yourself that you can easily monetize your Facebook page. There is no need for qualification to earn from Facebook but you must have a kind of interest for it. So from here, you can easily learn how to monetize your Facebook page.

Monetize Your Facebook Page

How to monetize your Facebook page
Monetize Your Facebook Page

Facebook is an American online social media and it has almost more than 2.3 billion monthly users. So now Facebook is providing a kind of offer for its users by which earning money will get easy for its users. It is offering a very good opportunity for its users to monetize their Facebook page. Facebook is now an opportunity for everyone to monetize their pages like Youtube. Youtube is a kind of platform in which you can earn money by your videos and for that, you must have a channel in it.

On Facebook, you need to make a page first then upload your videos. Then do have almost 10,000 likes including 30,000 minutes played in 60 days. After that, you can join them for making your page monetize. Now Ads break helps the video creators and publishers to earn money by including short Ads in your video content. Now it is the best work which has done by Facebook.

The one who have Youtube channels, so you must do a search for monetizing Facebook videos. You can upload your Youtube videos on Facebook to monetize it or to earn from it. So now you have to create a Facebook page for yourself. For monetizing your Facebook page you must have to fulfill its requirements. Otherwise, you can not join them for monetizing your Facebook page.

Monetizing Video Content On Facebook-Monetize Your Facebook Page

Most of the Facebook users are connected with video content of Facebook in all our world from publishers and creators. The publishers and creators do provide different kinds of video content to their fans to make them engage with themselves. In this way, they do monetize their videos to have enough money for their business. Facebook has some rules for monetizing video content on the Facebook page.

In order, if you want to monetize your Facebook page then you must have to follow Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Standard. It has rules for what content you can earn and you can not earn money on facebook. The content which is not allowed so here you can never earn money on those contents.

Monetization Eligibility Standard-How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

how to monetize your facebook page
Monetization Eligibility Standard

If publishers and creators want to earn from their Facebook page. So they have to obey a set of rules and terms which are known as monetization Eligibility Standard. In these rules, all the things have mentioned for the one who wants to monetize their Facebook page. All the Monetization Eligibility Standard for your Facebook page are described below:

  • Follow Community Standards.
  • Follow Page Terms.
  • Comply Payment Terms.
  • Adhere Content Guidelines For Monetization.
  • Share Authentic/Actual Content.
  • Monetize An Actual Engagements.
  • Develop An established Presence.

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Follow Facebook’s Community Standards

If any content of publishers or creators would violate Facebook’s community standards. Those types of content can cause publishers or creators to become ineligible and to lose their eligibility to monetize any content. If you have observed that you may have violated Facebook’s community standard or their policies regarding intellectual property. So do check for any notifications.

Follow Page Terms-Monetization Eligibility Standard

The content which is published by publishers or creators. It must not violate any kind of terms because it has a set of rules which must comply with publishers or creators.

Comply Payment Terms

Every publisher or creator must comply with Facebook’s payment term. Otherwise, they may lose their eligibility to use Facebook’s monetize features.

Adhere to Facebook’s Content Guidelines For Monetization

There are some additional rules which are called Content Guidelines For Monetize. The content that you want to monetize must pass an additional level of standards above and after its community standards. It has deeper restrictions on the content and as well as on its formats.

Share Authentic/Actual Content

The publishers or creators always do post a kind of content that must be authentic. So it means that the content should not provide wrong information to theirs and do not spread false news. In order of posting false news or something like that may cause you to lose its eligibility to monetize Facebook page. The content must have to be actual content that is going to be shared with the Facebook community. For false news, artificial distributed content or whether share content will not be eligible for monetization. The distributed content must follow Facebook’s sharing policy.

Monetize An Actual Engagement-Monetization Eligibility Standard

The publishers or creators can monetize those contents which must be authentic content. In this way, publishers or creators should not engage in a behavior in which boost views are artificial. So it means that the engagements or artificial boost views will not let to monetize your Facebook page. Publishers or creators may lose their monetization with fake engagements including

Develop An Established Presence

Publishers or creators also must have an actual, established presence on Facebook. They must have an established presence for at least 90 days to be eligible for monetizing any content. If publishers or creators want to gain access to ads breaks have to maintain a sufficient follower base which can point out by your Facebook friends and followers.

Checking Eligibility-How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

You can check your page eligibility by which you can be aware of the monetization of your Facebook page. For that, your Facebook account must be login to that device So you can easily check its monetization. So for checking the eligibility of a Facebook page do click below:

1. If publishers or creators want to monetize their Facebook content so they also have to check the eligibility of their Facebook page. Now if you have checked it; so look that whether is your Facebook page eligible for monetization? if no, so do work hard for its monetization. If yes, so have a look at the below screenshots for further process.

check Facebook page eligibility
Check Eligibility Of Your Facebook Page

2. If your Facebook page has become eligible for monetization then do get start your Facebook page with Ad break.

do start ads break
Do Start Your Facebook Page With Ads Break

3. Then earn money with your Facebook page by adding a short Ad break.

Start With Ad Breaks

4. After selecting your eligible Facebook page for Ad breaks then go for terms and conditions.

5. In order to set up your earning do add your PayPal or bank account.

how to monetize youyr facebook page

6. Set up Your Facebook Page Payments

set up payments
Set Up Your Payments

7. After adding your payment account.

how to monetize youyr facebook page

8. Then sign up your eligible videos for Ad breaks.

how to monetize your facebook page in easy steps

9. Submit your videos for Review.

how to monetize your facebook page

10. After that when you will post any video so it will automatically include Ad breaks.

how to monetize your facebook page


All the details about how to monetize your Facebook page has described for your here. The publishers or creators have to be careful about every Monetization Eligibility Standard. So they must not upload any kind of content by which they may lose their Facebook page eligibility. To be eligible for monetization of the Facebook page all the contents should be authentic which will be good for your page’s eligibility.

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