How To Make Money On Instagram In 3 Different Ways

As you have heard about a famous application “Instagram” which is used by many people. It is the most famous app that has become popular among people. So one question is arising that can you make money on Instagram? because you spent most of the time on Instagram and if you would earn from Instagram, then Instagram will not remain as a photo and video sharing app for you. Then you can have a solid income from Instagram and you don’t need to think that you are wasting your time. So how to make money on Instagram? So do read this article to clear your doubts.

Yes, of course, it is possible to earn from Instagram even many people are earning from Instagram nowadays. So you can also monetize your Instagram account. Along with sharing your photos or videos, do make money on Instagram. So here we have described some ways of how to make money on Instagram? If someone is serious about making money on Instagram so Take it seriously and go ahead. Be a person who makes money on Instagram not only wasting time on it.

What is Instagram?

how to make money on Instagram

Instagram is a kind of photo and video sharing application. Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc which has allowed its users to upload videos and photos. There was a time when everybody used Instagram as sharing photos and videos app. Now many people use Instagram to earn by sharing their photos and videos and then they do have a good income from their Instagram account. If you also spent most of the time on Instagram in watching photos or videos so try to not waste your time just on photos or videos. So try to do something different with your Instagram account by which you can make money too.

So there are many ways to make money on Instagram but here we have explained only its three ways. For monetization, you do not need to be a famous person by which you could get millions of followers. Even with 10k followers also you can monetize your Instagram account. There are many people who make money with their 10k followers which is ok enough for them. So with these numbers of followers, they are earning by their Instagram account. If you also want to monetize your Facebook page so do read this article below:

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Ways Of Making Money On Instagram

Ways of making money
Ways Of Making Money On Instagram

There are many ways to be an earner on Instagram but here we have described only its three ways for you. The following ways are extremely workable and are given below:

  • You can become an Affiliate marketer and can get a commission from selling products by your Instagram account.
  • You can also monetize your Instagram account as an Influencer.
  • By selling your photographs or paintings.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing on instagram
Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which you can get a commission from selling different products. So it is also not easy to sell a thing on your Instagram account because it also needs hard working. You must have the skill of selling a thing and convincing people to buy a thing is not easy work. if you could sell products via your Instagram account then you will get the commission of that product too. So there is a very known platform “Amazon’s Affiliate Program” from where you can get links after joining them. At first, do join it easily then you can get any kind of product link for selling it via your Instagram account.

You can easily join Amazon’s affiliate program and then get a link from it and do start your affiliate marketing. If you would get success by selling three products just within 60 days then you will become a permanent member of it. From every product, you will get 10% commission which will be dependent on your product that which have you chosen for selling on your Instagram account. You can write the link in your bio and you can also put it on your story by swiping it people can reach the link.

Work As An Influencer

Influencer On Instagram

If someone wants to work as an Instagram Influencer so at first, you have to engage people with your Instagram account. So how to engage people with your Instagram account? you can also grow up your followers and engagements by concentrating on your bio and especially niche. The most important thing is your bio which attracts people a lot and your niche which is also responsible for your increasing followers. In the beginning, Try to do select a kind of niche which must suit your interest too.

If you would not select a proper niche so it will be hard to grow your followers and you also can not attract people too. In a thing that you have an interest so do try to go with your interest and work as an Influencer in your Instagram account. Do not apply something different which may be the opposite of your interest because you can not take it longer. If your niche is according to your interest so you can easily and happily work on Instagram.

Then your bio also affects a lot, do write authentic information in your bio. Your bio must explain your works so that you would make money from Instagram. Your bio must be attractive which attracts the companies to get interested in your Instagram account. If once your Instagram gets engagement with people then it will be easy for you to work on it as an influencer.

Sell Your Paintings and Photographs

Sell Photographs and Painting to Make Money

It is a very good opportunity for the ones who are painters or photographers because they can sell their paintings and photographs from Instagram. You can find many buyers from Instagram to sell them. Instagram is famous for its sharing photos and videos, most of the people are madly in love with paintings and photographs. So if your paintings are attractive then buyers will visit your Instagram account. Then you can also sell your photographs and paintings easily and can have a good earning from your Instagram account.

Once your paintings and photographs must take the attention of your followers then you can start selling them. Then your followers will grow up which will increase your sell too. Most of the people are selling their paintings and photographs, so Instagram became an income sour for them. This option is only for the painters and photographers so it might not work for others because you can’t sell other properties.


We have described almost three ways of making money on Instagram which is workable. If you could also get the attention of people then your followers will increase. Increasing your followers is not easy work try to do something different which must be according to interest then do work on it. It is dependent on the work that how much do you serious for your work? If you are extremely serious so go it. Do concentrate on your posts which must attract people and you can put links on your stories. So do work as an Influencer, Affiliate marketer and as a seller on Instagram.

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