How To Check Zong Number Without Balance In Some Methods

When you get a new phone number so most of the time you can not remember it. Then it can become a problem for you but if you are Zong customers so your problem can be solved easily in some ways. Zong SIM provides you some ways of checking your Zong number and here we have described some ways of it. How to check the Zong number without balance? The ways that we will explain, don’t need balance and any time you can check it easily.

Zong always provides a good service to its customers and checking its SIM number is also not a hard job. It is not hard and it doesn’t need balance but it needs guidance which we are going to provide you. Here we will provide you all the information about how to check Zong number without balance in some methods. The methods are 100% workable and it actually doesn’t need any money. So if anywhere you would not beware of your SIm number so do look this article because everything has described for you here.

Checking Zong Number
Checking Zong Number

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Some Methods Of Checking Zong Number

How To Check Zong Number
How To Check Zong Number

How to check the Zong number without balance? we have explained some actual methods of checking Zong number which really works.

1st Method:

In the first method, you have to dial one code by which you will get your Zong number at the same time. So dial this code *8# to get your Zong number at the same time. This code is the simplest method of knowing your Zong number. It will show you your Zong number without any balance and in case if it doesn’t works so do try the other codes: *0#, *1#, *2#, *3#, *4#, *5#, *6#, *7#, *8#, *9#. If the first code does not work so once try the other ones. Any of them will be workable in your area.

2nd Method:

The 2nd method is also helpful for everyone to check your Zong SIM number without balance. In this method, you need to dial *100# then you will get the options to check Zong SIM number. Now select the first option by replying with 1 then you will get one box in which you have to type your friend’s number. like this, your friend will receive one message “Call me“. Do inform your friend and do tell him to save your number Then you can have your Zong SIM number from your friend.

So it is all about the 2nd method of checking your Zong SIM number without balance. Except for your friend’s number, you can type someone else phone number also. The contact number is available at the right time so you can provide it too.


Here we have provided all the information about how to check Zong number in some methods. So totally two methods have given for you which doesn’t need balance. Both methods are so simple and easy for checking your Zong number. Now don’t be careful about checking Zong number because, in this article, the easiest methods have described. You can check it anytime and anywhere without any balance which will be known to you after reading this article.

For checking your Zong number do try both methods and if you would find any problem so do ask in the comment box. We will try to solve your problem and if you want to know about the Zong Internet Packages whether daily, Weekly, Monthly prepaid or postpaid then click here: Zong Internet Packages 


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