How Will Artificial Intelligence(AI) Affect Our Lives?

How Will Artificial Intelligence(AI) Affect Our Lives? But, you have to know that according to computer science “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” sometimes it is known Machine Intelligence. It means that when a machine would be capable of doing any work by itself.

Computer science also defined AI research as the study of intelligent agents because it aims to create an intelligent machine. Now, it becomes the most important part of the technology industry and it will help in many difficult problems in computer science.

Artificial Intelligence

For the first time Artificial Intelligence founded in 1956 into a workshop, that was organized by Dartmouth College. The one who attended that workshop became extremely excited for AI because artificial intelligence will affect our lives. They were thinking that machine can be as intelligent and smart as human and they spend millions of dollars to make their dream true.

Allen Newell, Herbert Simon, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, and Arthur Samuel are the founders and leaders of Artificial Intelligence research. They and their students worked a lot in this project. One of the founders of AI Herbert Simon predicted, that machine can be capable of doing any work within twenty years as a human can do.


Artificial Intelligence Winters

artificial intelligence affects
Ai Winters

During the middle of 1960, AI research in the U.S strongly funded through the Department Of Defense and many laboratories established all over the world. But, before 1974 they neglected to understand some important tasks of the program and later on which made them slow.

In 1974 after the unfavorable judgment of Sir James Lighthill and ongoing pressure from the U.S funded the most productive projects. Then, the U.S and British governments stopped funds for AI research. Those years were later called to be an “AI Winters” when obtaining fund was extremely difficult for Artificial Intelligence projects.

In 1985, when Japan’s fifth-generation computer project got complete So, U.S and British government became inspire of that project. After which they started to restore funds for academic research. Similarly, they started with the collapse of the Lisp Machine in 1987, Artificial Intelligence once again fell down into discredit. Second time with full sensation they began to work because artificial intelligence was going to affect our lives.

AI In Asia- How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Our Lives?

Developments On Artificial Intelligence In Asia

Everyone is aware of Artificial Intelligence that it is going to affect our lives and change our future. Now, many people are trying to work more and more in this project. To make artificial intelligence as smart as a human, that will take time but one day it will show a result. There are many industries all over the world who had started working on artificial intelligence. Now, Asia also has begun to work on artificial intelligence research. In many countries of Asia, different industries are researching for it like; retailers, financial services, education, and healthcare.

In Asia, Taiwan became the top destination for artificial intelligence. “Everyday Taiwan has a lot going for it,” said William Foreman president of the American Chamber of Commerce in a press conference. Taiwan’s universities graduate a number of 10,000 computer scientists and information systems management people per year. Every new graduate can make an average of $1,084 per month and Taiwan’s universities have ranked among the top in terms of generating AI research results.

Sophia AI

Artificial Intelligence Sophia

Sophia is the biggest example of Computer Science. She is a humanoid robot made by Hanson Robotics Company in Hong Kong. For the first time, Sophia activated on 14 February 2016. Her first appearance with pubic made at South by Southwest Festival in middle of March 2016 in Austin, Texas and United States.

Sophia is capable of doing more than 50 facial expressions which are like a Wow for all the world. Sophia is the first robot who received citizenship from Saudi Arabia on October 2017. In November 2017 Sophia named first-ever Innovation Champion by the United Nations Development Program. Sophia imitates human gestures and facial expressions and is able to give answers to certain questions and to make simple conversations on predefined topics.

According to its manufacturers, Sophia will be a suitable companion especially for nursing homes and for helping crowd during large events and parks. They hope that Sophia will interact with humans and will be sufficient to gain social skills. Sophia has nine other humanoid siblings which are also created by Hanson Robotics.

Effects of Sophia- How Will Artificial Intelligence affects Our Lives?

Robot Intelligence

If we concentrate so there are many effects of Sophia. It can be helpful or harmful to human life. There is a question that will artificial intelligence affect our lives? of course, it will like; the thing which is dangerous for a human that is easy for Sophia. It simply can do that work fast in short spare of time as compared to humans. According to Sophia, she will be more beneficial for everyone. Sophia loves human and it says, that be good with me and I’ll be good with you.

David Hanson CEO of Hanson Robotics said that every AI developers have to think like parents. He wants to raise Artificial General Intelligence like a good child, not like a thing in chains. That is a formula for safe Artificial Intelligence. AI is a powerful robot even humans are trying to make it more advanced. Now, AI developers want to make an artificial human brain for AI. If they get success in this task so it will be a big revolution for the world and for the field of computer science.

Artificial Human Brain

If Artificial Intelligence will not work according to its program so, then it will be a big problem for a human. For example, think that if you want to turn off your T.V and it is not turning off. Then automatically it would change it’s channels or volume level. So, what will you do? After that, it will be a problem for humans. If the same thing would happen with Artificial Intelligence, then the way that you have programmed an AI but it would work by its own wish. At that time it will be a danger for every human.


In the twenty 1st century, humans are trying to make their life more easy as compared to previous centuries. We don’t want to waste our life. We want to make it more easy for our coming generations. For that ease, we all have to work with full sensation and concentration on this project. When artificial intelligence research will have completed in the future. So, it will change the world and with this change, many works will be finished.

Then robots completely will become a part of this world like; Sophia and it’s their siblings. Now we are taking help with the machine which is programmed for only one work but artificial intelligence will be programmed for multiple works. As humans can do each an everything by themselves. Then AI will be able to do any work by itself. Artificial Intelligence will be count in a citizen of society.


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